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If its true that we are here to help others…what are others here for…

frienship is lyk afternoon the bright light of the sun and bright light of the friend love…

If life give you 100 reasons to cry show life that you have1000 reasons to smile.

Alone at home , make me strong

Before you say something stupid about fake friends, make sure you’re not one

Nice friendship is Like The breathing air… You Will Never See it… But You Will Always Feel its Presence…Gud afternoon.>>> ▐▐

As time goes by your life starts getting to an end. so enjoy your life . Your soul should be proud of you.

always truse each other.but when some one break it than..our heart be crake and in a heart there be a small hole

Respect and trust are two easiest thing in life for someone to lose and the hardest things to get back.

when nobody is watching me i do everything that i don’t do infront of others .

Heart seeks for love, but the mind wudnt let it. Let all attachments go, let love flow

2Wheels 1 engine 0 limit!!! thats my bike…

Saying sorry was the biggest strength. ..!!

Donot fight if people wants challenge from you,be glad coz they are signs of your prosperity

Love Is Eearnd Not Bought !

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